Games and Theory

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Drawing from a variety of musical influences, Games and Theory fuses variations of punk, metal, hardcore, rock, and more, then quickly spew it back out at the listener. Their compositions are known to move rapidly and evoke a sense of urgency. However, at times the music develops into more melodic and ethereal walls of sound.
Games and Theory, a four-piece post-hardcore rock group based out of Austin, Texas, formed in early 2003, when guitarist Tyson Swindell and original drummer Adrian Carrillo began writing music together. Looking to create fresh, interesting, and intense music, Swindell and Carrillo began composing songs while searching for additional musicians to join the group. In March 2003, they enlisted Joseph Patlan to fill the role of vocalist in the band and later that year in May, David Olvera was asked to join the line-up as bassist in the group. Thus, Games and Theory was born.
The freshly formed Games and Theory continued composing music together and then began performing regularly around the Texas area, including local Austin venues such as Emos, The Red Eyed Fly, The Flamingo Cantina, Red Rum, Room 710, The Back Room, Egos, The Agave, and Plush. Shortly there after, the band began touring consistently around Texas, the surrounding states, and more.
In the fall of 2003, Games and Theory recorded their first E.P., My Affair With Lily White, produced and mixed by Tim Dittmar in Georgetown, TX. Dittmar has been involved with several major label recordings and is affiliated with the Austin Community College music department. In the summer of 2004, Games and Theorys Acrylic vs. Glass was featured on Volume 21 of Skratch Magazines Whatd You Expect For Free? Compilation. The publications MP3 sampler was distributed for free during the 2004 Warped Tour and featured other artists like Bad Religion, Ten Foot Pole, The Casualties, Nekromantix, Lint, and more.
In late 2004, Adrian Munoz, ex-bassist for Dynamite Boy (Fearless Records), replaced Adrian Carrillo as the bands drummer. With this change, Games and Theory acquires a more versatile, experienced, and seasoned drummer. Munoz also possesses an enormous amount of touring experience. The band has certainly welcomed the member change with open arms.
A video for the Games and Theory track The Joys of Making Love to a Scalpel was produced in July of 2004, and is exclusively available for viewing on the bands official website ( The Austin Music Network banned the video from rotation due to its graphic content. A music video is currently in the works for a track off the bands new record. Games and Theory has recently released their first full-length album entitled That Dark Bird You Hold in Your Arms, containing 11 tracks and recorded at Orphic Studios in Austin, TX.
After successfully having built a formidable fan base in Texas and the surrounding states, Games and Theory has begun touring consistently nationally in order to expand its listening audience. The band is fresh off a summer 2005 West Coast tour and will hit the Mid-West and East Coast in early 2006. Overall, Games and Theory is currently establishing itself as a strong touring band and expects to continue performing around the nation until a record label that suits the group signs the band.
    Games and Theory frequently performs around Texas and surrounding areas with bands like Idle Kids (Ex-In Praise of Folly), At All Cost (Combat Records), Oceanus, Exit The King (Ex-Suburban Terror Project), These Men Are Liars, Assacre, Bitter Tongues, Ghostland Observatory, Cardinale (ex-Sea of Thousand), Warwolf (Level-Plane), Like Dogs, Hobbits of the Shire, and more. The band has played and been booked with such national touring acts as Daughters (Robotic Empire), Transistor Transisto